Our hangar

Solid Handling has approximately 2000 m2 hangar space availability in our main hangar. This hangar was formerly used by the RAF as a maintenance Hangar. In 2003 the Airport used the hangar as their terminal. After the opening of a new terminal in 2004 the hangar was used by V-Bird for the operations and maintenance of their three Airbuses 320. Since 2006 Solid Handling is using this hangar together with some bunkers for their home-based planes.

The bunkers are used for the smaller planes with maximum wing span of 15 meters like PA28, Seneca and Malibu.
The main Hangar is used for small, mid-sized and big jets as Citation XLS and Falcon 900.

If interested for Hangar space for short or longer time at our Airport, please don’t hesitate letting us know.

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